I was blind and he opened my eyes, I was lost and he bought me home. I was a sinner and he died for me.

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Well at the mo, im just trying to live the Life and Revoloution

Sunday, May 22, 2005

You don't have to be afraid anymore! (a quick note of encouragement)

Whatever it is, whatever is holding you back from a relationship with God, wether it be smoking, drink, your friends, your school or just fear....i want to tell you what Jesus is saying to me about it. "You don't need to worry anymore you don't need to cry. When you take my hand il take your fears". When you make the decision to follow Jesus, He can take away all fear that is an obsticle. Whatever it is, its not too big for Him. Give all to Him, all that you have and that includes fear.
Im sorry i don't have time to write more, lots of coursework but stick in there with Jesus. It is also a great encouragement to read Gods Word everyday, i know iv grown so much just from reading it and it has affected me too much to measure.
God bless xx

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Picture Perfect

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Can a picture say a thousand words?

Monday, May 02, 2005

The Fellowship of the Cross

My favourite part of Lord of the Rings is the bit where there is the big gathering in Rivendell and they are deciding who will take the ring. Everyone is arguing about it and in the midst of things comes little Frodo and he says "I will take it, i will take the ring". Everyone goes silent, shocked that this little hobbit is taking on such a huge task. But then Gandalf sais "I will help you bear this burden" then Aragorn says "If by my life or death i can protect you, i shall. You shall have my sword" Then Legolas says "and you shall have my bow" then good old Dimmly says "and my axe". Frodo of course gratefully accepts these generous offerings and they are named by Elrond "The Fellowship of the Ring"!! Without accepting these gifts of protection, Frodo probably wouldn't have made it far out of Rivendell.

Its the same in The Great Divorce (by CS Lewis). The ghosts each have their angels to accompny them on the journey to heaven. One of the ghost ( i can't quite remember which one) says to his/her angel "Can you carry me to heaven" and the angel replies " No, but i cn make the journey much more bearable". Without accepting the help offered by the angel, every step would have been agony on the piercing grass and the ghost would not have moved a few feet, let alone all the way to heaven.

The point that i'm trying to make is that we cannot pick up our cross each day and expect to walk it alone. We have to listen to the people around us and most importantly Christ. We have to accept the help offered by our Christian friends and by Christ otherwise we will only move a few paces before collapsing. It is not a journey we can take by ourselves, it sounds harsh, but we have to be propped up by stronger people. In this, we gain our own strength and strength from Jesus and can therefore prop others up, we can help others on their journey to heaven.