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Thursday, June 30, 2005

My crazy metaphor

Hey guys!
So i was on my bus last night and saw these hugemongus great big clouds above me. It was all grey and depressing and gloomy but there was a small ray of sunshine shining through a gap and it was so beautiful. When all around was dark, here was this little bit of sun poking through and i worked out (yes it has taken me a while but iv got there in the end) that the sun is always shining. Wether there are thunderstorms or tornados towering above, hurricanes or volcanoes, obstructing the viewn the sun is still there, still shining as brightly as ever.
Might sound kinda odd me talkin bout the sun for so long but put a great big metaphor in my mind, i know it, you've probably worked it out il leave you to think about it.....


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