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Monday, July 04, 2005

This isn't a world with God at the center!

Tonight, i want us to think of the 30,000 people that died today. I want us to go to our bedrooms knowing that this has got to change.
It's true that this world will never be suffer free. When ad and evie ate the apple we fell to suffering and pain and this world that we are living in. It is full of sin because (as Chris Ashton so rightly put it) we are a world without God at the heart. We have created a divide from God by chosing a world without Him at the center and its hurting. But i don't think that means we have to just accept suffering as though "it's always gonna be around, there's nothing we can do to change that" type thing. Every single person on this planet matters so so so much to God, if we could see just how much all of us are loved by Him.
And so then we shouldn't be able to go to sleep at night knowing that there are people out there, especially christians out there who are starving, who are dying, who are being raped, tortured and murdered... We might not be able to help them first hand but boy we can certainly pray are asses off for them. Prayer is a bloomin powerful thing and should never eva be underestimated! God sees when you show compassion for His children, He sees when you are concerned for your brothers and sisters welfare in Africa and I am sure he is elated when we act on compassion and we act on concern, and on love.
This certanily isn't a time to be complacent about poverty, as Live8 stated "NO-ONE IN THE 21ST CENTUARY SHOULD DIE OF HUNGER".
And so tonight i want us to think of the 30,000 and more that have died today, i want us to think of the children that have been raped on the streets of Africa and the families that have been murdered. I want us to think of the 90% of Africans that will go to bed hungary tonight, and wake up hungary in the morning. This isn't hungar that goes away the next day, this is a hungar that has dragged on for hundreds of decades. i want us to think of the people who will not be going home tonight, but will be sleeping rough on the streets of Britain.
I think we should be praying for these people, from the bottom of our hearts, with the love and compassion that marks a follower of Jesus. You can block out what is happening in Africa, Zimbabwe, Iraq, Afkanistaan but it still goes on. And we still push it to the back of our minds....