I was blind and he opened my eyes, I was lost and he bought me home. I was a sinner and he died for me.

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Well at the mo, im just trying to live the Life and Revoloution

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What a Lad

This is from a bebo site i recently found, from a guy who sounds pretty cool frankly to be writing it! Thought it was too cool not to share!

"Well I love Jesus... am captivated by his life; thrown by his effect on humanity; blown away by the charisma he had; held in awe by the claims he made; attracted to his talk and more importantly his walk; amazed that he should die for me; caught up with the chance to share in his/story and radically moved to make a difference to this planet and humanity because of him!!!!!

He had no servants - yet they called HIM master, no degrees - yet they called HIM teacher, no medicine- yet they called HIM healer, no army yet the King of Kings, He one no military battles yet HE conquered the world. He committed no crime, yet they crucified HIM, HE was buried in a tomb yet He lives today.

I feel honoured to serve such a man!I pray as if it all depends on HIM and live as if it all depends on me... "